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Braam Smith (BraamCLSA)
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Posted: October 29, 2020
Last activity: October 29, 2020

When to use App Studio [8.4] or Dev Studio [LSA Data Excellence]

App Studio's capabilities will continue to evolve over future releases of Pega Platform. As at Pega 8.4, the configuration tasks that are still best performed using Dev Studio include:

  • Configuration of rule types that do not yet have a configuration path in App Studio 
  • Creating Classes and implementing Rules utilized only by features configured by professional developers. For example, Services and Background Processing.
  • Creating User Interface Templates
  • Creating Sections that are not linked to a Template
  • Performing Branch Reviews and Merging Branches
  • Configuring Direct Inheritance
  • Fine-grained control is needed over RuleSet selection for new, changed or RuleSet-specialized rules.
  • Creation of PegaUnit or Scenario Test Cases and Suites
  • Re-factoring triggers such as when Classes need renaming or rules need moving between classes
  • Modifying the database configuration (e.g. non-Pega databases) for concrete Class instances
  • Applying scrutiny to check-in comments


Discussion on this topic was sought from the LSA Data Excellence (Pega 8.4) webinar conducted in July 2020. The webinar and its full set of discussions that arose from it are available at LSA Data Excellence: Webinar, Questions & Answers

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