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Posted: January 15, 2021
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Accessibiilty Issue - JAWS - Summary Report - Expand /Collapse Issue

See INC-157974 for details (FDBK-75901 Created 01/20/2021).  The below Pulse comment from INC-157974 is restated below.  The Pega Support Engineer said to submit an enhancement request.

Best Regards,

Aaron Barton 


========== PULSE COMMENT FROM INC-157974 BELOW==========

One clarification. The state should be indicated for the expand collapse. Meaning, if:

  • EXPANDED: the text should says "Click to collapse [SECTION NAME]"
  • COLLAPSED: the text should say "Click to expand [SECTION NAME]"

This way the blind user understands the state of the section, either being COLLAPSED or EXPANDED.

Please confirm the state, EXPANDED or COLLAPSED, will be indicated in the text of the solution.

Thank you, Aaron

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