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Hermes Quesada Rodriguez (HermesQ8)
Bac Credomatic
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Bac Credomatic
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Bac Credomatic
Posted: June 29, 2020
Last activity: July 21, 2020

Add check option to disable one specific version of ruleset.

Hi, lets say App moving a release (product rule) to Production with ruleset as below:

XXXXX: 01-01-01 XXXXX: 01-01-02 XXXXX: 01-01-03

Suppose that we need restrict or disable the version XXXXX:01-01-02 of ruleset because I'm having a bug in Production.

So, go to the ruleset definition an open the version XXXXX:01-01-02 , there is a bottons for "Unlock and Save", "Save" and "Delete".

My idea is add a new botton or put a option check to disable or able a specif version of ruleset from Production by a Pega System Administration. With that avoid that to stop the Business and I don't take a decision to rollback a release inmediatly, while our team will be working in the resolution of the rule of version XXXXX:01-01-02 in a new version.

Pega Platform 8.4.1 System Administration Financial Services System Architect