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Willem Schellekens (WillemS4)

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Posted: October 16, 2020
Last activity: December 4, 2020

Add document details

The default functionality in Pega 8.x.x allows one to add a document (as an attachment or Document case depending on the UI theme) and provide a limit set of details (name, category, description, the file itself).

As our customers are still faced with a lot of documents, the ability to add additional details for a document (like confidentiality, external reference, document status, incoming/outgoing, etc.) is a requirement we get for almost all the applications we build.

The rules related to adding and editing a document (for instance pzDocumentAttachScreen, AttachFile) have become Final in the latest versions of Pega so we aren't able to extend this functionality any longer and are basically now faced with creating a (customer specific) copy of such functionality.

Is it possible to provide extension points in the functionality related to documents/attachments so we are able to add our own fields to for instance the document attach screen?

  Manage content screenDocument case (edit details)

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