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Posted: December 15, 2020
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Posted: 15 Dec 2020 3:53 EST
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Add SOAP Header fields to SOAP Fault message

We use several SOAP based integrations that pass multiple 3rd party systems. In the SOAP header we use several fields to enable better tracking across those systems. Think of fields like a correlation ID and a timestamp. Especially in case of problems (SOAP fault messages) this can be very useful to track issues. Unfortunately that fault scenario is not supported in Pega.

In Pega you can define for a SOAP service connector the SOAP response header fields for the Request. And you can define the SOAP response header fields for the Response. But you can't define SOAP header fields in case of a SOAP fault message. See the difference in the attached SOAP Response and SOAP Faults screenshots. There is no response header section when defining faults.

The idea is to enable SOAP response header fields also for SOAP service faults. Just like it is done in the Request and Response. See attached SOAP Faults mockup screenshot as example.

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