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Posted: January 27, 2021
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Posted: 27 Jan 2021 15:29 EST
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Adding non OOTB property as Unique Identifier in Field Level Audit

We have requirement to track  changes in the field level auditing. We have implemented the changes but business requirement to track multiple changes to be identified by the Unique ID. 

For example, 

I have case created with 2 followups, as per filed level audit, I can track which field value has been updated / modified . Suppose, I made the changes to  the follow up 1 for the fields ( Name and No) , the it will display the values in the field history as Old Value - AAAA and new Value - BBBB . Since Unique id will not change we can't keep track of it as part of field level audit extract. 

Here I have attached 3 files for reference. 

I have FieldAudit csv - Where it has all extract for fieldlevel audit 

another file with old value and 3rd file with New value. But business is expecting, we need to track the unique id in old and new files as well to see what value has been changed for which unique Id. 

Please share your thoughts on how to populate the unique ID as part of field level audit extract. 


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