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Posted: January 23, 2019
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Agile Work Bench Acceptance Criteria - Data Set

As a BSA, how do we maintain the data set or dictionary in Agile Work bench.
For example I have a user story as below

"As a xyz User, I want to enter details in a abcd details screen so that the request can be submitted for approval"

Acceptance Criteria -
- Display the user with abcd screen with below mandatory input properties.
- Transaction Date: Property Type Date
- Payee Name: Property Type, Text
- Print Location: Property Type, Drop Down with values MN, TX, ON
- Many more properties....
- Display a section "Trailer Details" in abcd screen with below mandatory input properties.
- Trailer Line 1: Property Type, Text
- Trailer Line 2: Property Type, Text
- Trailer Line 3: Property Type, Text

How do we handle such a user story in Agile workbench? It has got acceptance criteria space but with only a row added to it.
Also do we have any mechanism to handle data set like above in pega? I just want to let technical team know what are the properties that needs to be displayed to the end user.

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