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Posted: March 5, 2019
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Agile Workbench Jira Integration with Custom Priorities

I'm trying to extend the Jira integration with Agile Workbench to include 7 custom priorities, instead of the 5 supported out of the box.

I updated the “SetSeverityFromJira” Decision Table to map the Jira Priority IDs to the Jira Priority Field values in the Pega-Agile-Work class. I'm attaching a screenshot for your reference.

I also extended several of the sections to include the additional priority values, such as pyUserStoryRowExtension, pyBugRowExtension, and JiraStarPriority and set the appropriate Star ratings/priority values in the data transforms within those sections.

So now I can create a new user story in Agile Workbench - and I see my 7 priority values there that I can select from. But if I select the 6th or 7th custom priority value and Save the user story, it reverts it back to the 1st priority value - and won't send that new user story back to Jira.

I looked through the Activities and Data Transforms and I didn't see anything obvious in terms of what I need to update to extend the integration to include the 2 new priorities.

Do I need to extend the 'GetPriorityForJira' Decision Table in the Pega-Agile-Work-UserStory class also? Is that passing the priority back to Jira? I only see 3 priority values there currently, so I'm not clear if that's the same "Priority" or something different.

Do you have any input to help?


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