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Posted: July 26, 2021
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Posted: 26 Jul 2021 12:12 EDT
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AutoComplete Control accepting non-list values



Autocomplete controls have been used frequently throughout the application to display a list of selectable values especially when the selection list exceeds 35 in count. The expectation is that they function like a drop-down control with an added feature of text input to filter/select list items.


Problem description

  1. Instead of selecting from the list of suggestions, if the user chooses to fully type the value, the additional properties are not set.

As shown below the value Sushant Balur is a valid selection. But, instead of selecting if the value is typed out, then the ProjectleaderID as configured in the control is not set.






The same is set correctly if the option is selected instead of typing


  1. As a corollary to problem (a), the value that is typed out for the property with the auto-complete control, is not validated against the list of valid values.


As shown below, Sushant Balur123 is not a valid value in the list of options, but there is no validation that triggers to prevent the user from submitting the screen.




In my opinion, both problems (a) and (b) with the autocomplete control can be solved at the product layer, by providing an option in the control configuration for the user to opt for validation.

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