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Posted: April 13, 2017
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Posted: 13 Apr 2017 23:17 EDT
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Can we extend the feature of clearing the in-memory and DB Rule Caches for all Cache Management Wizards in SMA?

In current application, we often encounter rule resolution/corruption issues. To resolve these kind of issues, we need to clear the in-memory and DB Rule Caches. As this activity has to be performed frequently, we cannot get DBA/Infrastructure support to clear the in-memory and DB Rule Caches. Also, process adherence causes more time delay.

Would it be possible to extend the capability to clear all Pega Internal in-memory and DB caches (especially )for all Cache management wizards under 'Advanced' category of PRPC System Management tool (SMA)?

In current version of SMA, only Conclusion cache management wizard has the capability to 'Clear Conclusion Cache in memory and DB'. Please provide your insights and suggestions.

My Thanks in advance!

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