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Posted: November 25, 2020
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Posted: 25 Nov 2020 21:55 EST
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Can we get any OOTB feature to add multiple API jar files(external) using Import wizard instead of one by one?

Hi Pega Product Team,

I see there is no feature/option in the product to add multiple jars using Import wizard. All the time, we need to add one by one jar file to upload the system with all the files packaged in the external API jars. The reason why I am asking this option in the wizard wise is like today I did import 42 jars as a part of word to PDF implementation. It took me almost 30-45 mins to perform this operation in my V851 PE.I am not sure whether we have any other ways to import multiple jars in the system without using the Import wizard. It is okay if we add multiple jars in a background process to update the DB tablePR_EngineClasses and refresh the system automatically/prompt the user to recycle the server after importing process done. Please let me know, if this can be possible in the product level itself.

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