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Posted: May 14, 2020
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Capture SOAP Request/Response Using Data Page having source as Connect-Soap

Business requirement:

Capture soap response and store in DB when user is interacting with Autocomplete control on UI whose source is Data Page which is sourced via Connect-Soap.


Autocomplete Control on UI

  1. Source is Data_Page
  2. Data page is sourced using Connector which is Connect-Soap

As soon as user start typing in Auto complete control call is made using input values and results starts appearing on screen. Meanwhile at Back-end system should capture all the request and response happening from autocomplete control.


  • Whenever Soap Connection is established from Pega , OOTB activity InvokeAxis2 of ruleset Pega-IntegrationEngine get executed.
  • Save As this activity to your Application Ruleset.
  • Define a Local Variable in Parameter tab of Activity Rule for e.g. ResponseXML
  • Add the Java Step at the end of Activity.
  • And add below Java code to capture response in Local variable.

List<String> list = (List)resParamVals;

StringBuilder responseXML = new StringBuilder();

for (String s : list){      responseXML.append(s);   responseXML.append("\t");    }

ResponseXML = responseXML.toString();

Once you have the response in Local Variable which in our case is ResponseXML add another Property-Set step and assign the value of local variable to Clipboard property.

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