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CSV export & import function for Japanese with Excel

Hi I am writting this post for Japanese customer but I belive any countries who use double-byte are facing same issue. So, I would like to have more opinition for my request.

Many of Japanese customers want to use Excel for CSV import & Export. However, CSV import & export's character code for v7.2 is UTF-8.
Saving file in Excel with Japanese character will generate a CSV file with Shift-JIS, so we are not able to import file by using "pxUploadCSVResults" for import and " ConvertResultsToCSV " for export.
* This is a default behaviour of Excel if there is Japanese characters but other language such as Korea, Chines may be facing a same problem.
Request are:
1. to have parameters or something else to specify import character code for "pxUploadCSVResults"
2. to have parameters or something else to specify with BOM or without BOM for "ConvertResultsToCSV "

Here are details for these requests:
[1. Import]
Step2 (java) in "pxUploadCSVResults"

we comment the line below
//cofileContent = new;

And then add 3 lines below instead
try {
fileContent = new String(org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64.decodeBase64(strFileData),"MS932");
} catch ( e) {

However, "pxUploadCSVResults" is Final, so we do not want to modify code in Step2.
Rather we want to have a parameter, which we can specify "character code" to use for import action

[2. Export]
Step 5 (java) in "ConvertResultsToCSV", we had to add 3 line for steam to add BOM to properly open UTF-8 file with Excel
Because, Excel do not recognize CSV file without BOM. Therefore, we want to have an option to "set BOM" somewhere in "ConvertResultsToCSV".

// Create file
PROutputStream stream = new PROutputStream(f);

// adding BOM to file stream

PRWriter out = new PRWriter(stream, null, false);

[Important notice]

Both rules are final, so we can not modify code

[Attempted Solutions]

We modified few lines of Java code to work properly with Excel file.
Please see attached screen shots and CSV file with Shift-JIS.

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