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Posted: July 10, 2017
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Custom Message Display or Log Off On Browser Close

In 7.2.1 browser close do not log off the user, so we are trying to customize the UI behavior to display the custom message which will indicate user to not close the browser but do the clean log off. There are 2 question.

1. First of all, is there any out of box feature that will allow the log off while closing the browser , I see that there is a product feature - FDBK-12856 requested.

2. If currently log out is not possible, we have looked into Harness customization to include custom JS to show the warning message to stay on application and do the clean log out vs. leaving the page. This is working on IE however for Chrome we are unable to set the custom message (per chrome > = 51.x it is not possible to customize this) however in some chrome browser it is not populating the standard message either. What setting on chrome is required to display warning message?

Also is this practice okay, we understand that it is a customization that needs to be kept up with. But overall is there a better approach?

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