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Posted: September 5, 2017
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Posted: 5 Sep 2017 8:06 EDT
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Customised Pega Available Activity PegaMKT_FilterPropositions for reuse

1. While working on a Pega marketing 7.12 project we have choose to customise PegaMKT_FilterPropositions activity which is an available rule in pega ruleset.

We have changed it to allow us to specify offer flow for a particular proposition, Pega OOTB doesn't allow us to do so, hence we end up creating as many offer flow as there are propositions even though all the offer flow functionality are exactly the same in our application, hence there is hardly any reuse, hence we chose to do this customisation and done initial round of testing and is working fine, will do further testing.

Has any one else done such thing in past, please share your experience.

2. My second concern is we often find few rules in pega rulesets (just like PegaMKT_FilterPropositions activity in this case) which are marked as Available, but are they available for extension in our Application rulesets.

I mean technically I know that because they aren't final rules we can save as in App rulesets change them, but the question is are they valid extension points which pega will support in future upgrades? Pega do mark few of the rule status as Extension points indicating that they are declared extension point, but what about available rules in pega rulesets are they supposed to be final but pega forgot to mark them accordingly and aren't bound to support in future releases.

Please clarify.



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