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Posted: December 2, 2016
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Database Tool within developer studio to execute SIMPLE database queries

Traditionally Pega developers used to have database access within DEV & QA environments and hence they used to run any queries using any Developer tools (TOAD/ SQL Developer, etc) to execute queries.

But in recent times most of the customers are denying the database access to the developers and asking them to file requests which is teadious job & time consuming. Hence developers write some activity or a report defintion to execute queries that they want to view the responses for simplest queries. So it would be good if Pega provides a simple database querying tool within developer portal which will have access till QA environment. I know this can be acheivable using OOTB but looking for a simple UI which does the BASIC SQL jobs rather than multiple different ways.

Usecases :

1) Developer has exposed a column & wanted to confirm whether the value is getting populated or not.

2) View to look at a row of a table which satisfies a condition

3) View the record count of a table

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