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Ramesh Pingili (Ramesh_Pingili)
Pega Sr System Architect (Tech Lead)
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Posted: October 6, 2020
Last activity: October 23, 2020

Datapage - Parameterize source

Hi Team,

Datapages are  very useful to fetch the data but with only one source. My Ideas is, if we can Pass the source as a parameter so that it will be useful for many scenarios and eliminates creating several datapage rules - Low-Code App development

Simply - datapage with multiple sources

Ex: DataPage - D_getDetails is a List and Requestor/Thread datapage and is having a source ReportDefinition (FetchDetails) in class A-B-C-D.

I am using this Datapage in Data transform or Property-Set or some other places and passing some parameters and source for this datapage is Report definition, similarly, if i want to use other report definition (FetchFullDetails) in the same class or ancestor class, I need to create another datapage.

If i can pass Source Name (Report definition - FetchFullDetails) as a parameter to the datapage with the same Page,Mode type, it will be very much helpful.

I know we have to think about Page structure, Mode and scope and Source.

We can keep Datapage Structure,Mode and scope as it is and pass source as a parameter then it would be much help. This way we can eliminate creating many datapages and we can re-use the same datapage with multiple sources as a parameter.

Clipboard will have same datapage multiple times with different sources and different results.

Please think on this and let me know.


Thanks, Ramesh Pingili

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