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Date Picker control with different values

We have a requirement to schedule some meetings at every fifteen minutes. So, selection option of the date time control drop down should be of any hour with multiples of 15 minutes like 15/02/2017 13:00 or 13:15 or 13:30 or 13:45. The format expected is dd/mm/yyyy HH:00 or HH:15 or HH:30 or HH:45. The existing date time control is the generally used minutes increment like HH:00,HH:01,HH:02....HH:59.down needs to be of value 00,15,30,45 instead of 01,02,03,...59 in the Date picker control. (pxDateTime). A new control may be required. Any suggestions on using the existing one or to create a new one, please.

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