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Ivan Sabik (IvanS639)
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Accenture Technology Solutions-Slovakia SRO
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Accenture Technology Solutions-Slovakia SRO
Posted: October 10, 2019
Last activity: October 10, 2019

Date-time picker improvement - when changing only time value

Hello, we have a business requirement to make date-time picker more user friendly. Currently if you click on the calendar icon in the date-time field the date-time picker is opened. You need to first select time and then click on a date. After that date-time value gets carried over to the field. That's fine, but later on if you want to change only time, you need to click the calendar icon, change time and then again click on the date. We would like to avoid the last step (repeated selecting of date) if you want to change only time. There is a close button in the date-time picker. We would expect that when we change only time in the picker and then click on close button it should carry over changed time value into the field. We find it not very convenient that selected value is carried over only when you click on a date.

Alternatively there might be additional button at the bottom where there is Close and Today, which will be called Save (or something similar). So that selected value is carried over not only when you click on a date, but also when you click on the Save button.

Please, consider this enhancement request. I've attached screenshot of what I described above.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Ivan Sabik