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Dhananjay Ubale (DhananjayU)
Dhananjay Ubale
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Posted: March 15, 2021
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DX API for Survey

Usecase - For inbound channel(call center) we are using decisioning to present NBO(Next Best Offer) to customer. Before arriving at NBO we need to ask certain questions to customer for which we plan to use Surveys. We are using Pega as headless.


Technical Details - In our REST service activity we are planning to initialize survey case type which starts pyAdministerSurvery flow. We see pyWorkPage.pyQuestionGroup getting populated but this data structure doesn't hold information on Visible When conditions. Looks like getStream API which gets called from pzPreDisplayQuestionPage section builds the UI. We are looking for this metadata which Pega is using to construct UI. We dont want to go into the route of doing Obj-Open on Flow rule, Question Group rule, Question rule[pr4_rule] to get this metadata to construct our REST response.


Ask - Was hoping to leverage DX api's for Pega Survery if any exists [OR] other alternatives to solution this. This API can be leveraged by our front end team to build UI. This API should return all question groups/questions configured in a given survey.  

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