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Willem Schellekens (WillemS4)

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Posted: October 16, 2020
Last activity: December 4, 2020

Edit in MS Office

In the default Pega portals (CaseWorker, CaseManager, UserPortal) we are able to add, display and edit attachments and attachments details that are related to a particular case. 

The actions that are available for a document in the case view (depending on UI theme) are Open, Download, Delete and Manage Attachment (CMIS only). When using the new structure with the Document casetype, you are also able to open the related Document case giving you similair actions

A lot of our customers and customer applications have the requirement to be able to modify the document that has been attached to a case. For instance, after generating a MS Word document using data from the case, they would like to be able to update the document before sending it. Another example is when employees work together on a single document and want to use features like annotation and track changes. Such features are available in MS Office, but not in Pega.

Therefore, we would like additional functionality to be added to the menu of the "case related content" or the Document case type so we can open a MS Office document directly in the corresponding MS Office application, be able to edit it and save it as a new version of the document.




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