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Adrian Reichlin (AdrianR0218)
Senior Manager
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Posted: January 25, 2018
Last activity: February 9, 2018

Enhancement for Export to excel / Report defintions

Problem description
We have the mandatory request to log when the "Export to Excel", "List views" and "Summery views" functions are used. The target is to create a log file when the mentioned functionalities are used with the details from the operator (such as personal number, email, time). Unfortunately this seems not to be possible in our version. The following activities, which provide this functionalities, are final:
For Report-Defintions: Rule-Obj-Report-Definition.pzViewExportToExcel final
For ListViews/SummaryViews: Rule-Obj-HTML.ViewExportToExcel final
Our working assumption was to add a step to the above mentioned activities and write in a log when they are used. But because they are final, we can’t resave or adapt this activities.

Our main question for enhancement is now if you can make this activities accessible in our current version (6.1 SP2) or the version we are planning to update to (PRPC 7.2). A way to make them accessible would be an Extension point/activity. This means to add a placeholder step in the above mentioned activities, which refers to a activity which we can override in our rule-sets.
An alternative workaround purpose from your end for this problem would also be suitable. Important is that we need to solve this issue, because this is a mandatory request. Please give us feedback how we can proceed with this problem. Thank you very much in advance.

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