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Sabi Lali (LALIS)
GCS Solutions Engineer III
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: March 14, 2019
Last activity: March 18, 2019

Enhancement Request - RabbitMQ Support

The ask is to support RabbitMQ natively in Pega, specifically in Pega 7.4 which the current ACMS project upgraded to.

User is retiring MQ/MBus support enterprise-wide and replacing it entirely with RabbitMQ. The only way to interact with RabbitMQ currently in Pega is to wrap it in MQ/MBus, which is not an option.

Current User Pega apps have an exception to allow them to temporarily continue to use MQ until they can convert to RabbitMQ, but we cannot do that without native Pega support for the integration (both as a connector and as a service).

This missing feature will soon be a major blocker for almost all Pega projects at User's end.

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