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ER: Disabled actions in Decisioning services tab when env is level 4 (SR-D9222)

Enhancement Request (on behalf of Kamil Janeczek):

Related SR Details:

When environment is in Production Level = 4 we cannot to run action from Decisioning services tab (Designer -> Decisioning -> infrastracture -> services -> stream)

In case when we talk about environment build on Standard SandBox where kafka is placed on Util (like NOKFI STG1) every Util termination in cloud cause issue because we cannot decommision old node from this menu. Workaround is temporary enabled view for current user and decommision old node.

Please look at the screenshot:

Clarification (see the SR-D9222 for more details):
The thing is that the Actions (used to decommission the nodes) are disabled (grayed out) in the UI design for environment level 4 or 5 (Stg or Prod) when Standard sandbox is used. This is legit in case of environment level 4 or 5 with Large Sandbox.
In this case they use the Standard sandbox to have kafka placed on Util and need the functionality (Actions) enabled to be able to clear the nodes table.

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