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Posted: September 15, 2017
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External DB use in segment creation

For Outbound Marketing, when trying to create a lowest level segment (i.e. a segment that queries a data base table), the table has to be defined in the Pega Data Schema. A customer needs the ability to build segments (that ultimately will be used to build an audience for a campaign) using existing DB2 tables without having to create scheduled ETL processes to replicate the data in the Pega Data Schema. In essence, the customer wants the ability to point a segment query to any external (from Pega Data Schema) table. We do know that data flows (that can reach out to external data) can be used in strategy construction; but, that does not afford us the ability to create Lowest level segments as we see fit without extreme overhead. Requesting an enhancement request for this functionality.
Already Attempted Solutions
Create a Data Flow to access external data: This increases Time to Market and increases risk of defect further down the development track. Additionally, the overhead is much higher with this type of operation

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