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Posted: September 8, 2017
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Posted: 8 Sep 2017 9:58 EDT
Last activity: 22 Sep 2017 16:22 EDT

Feature request or enhancement - DateTime read-only display format

For the display control Datetime (pxDateTime), Date-time format : "01/01/01 01:00 AM" or "01/01/2001 01:00 AM" doesn't really ensure that the hour value is 2 digits width. In other words it doesn't really left pad with zero (0) when hour value is <= "9".
2:27 AM displays as "2:27 AM" and not "02:27 AM".

Also, from the Date-time format drop-down menu options, we have only 2 options where the hour is set to width 2 (which doesn't work anyway). Please see attached screenshot.

We should have option to choose fixed width month and hour value
For example, we have option 'January 1, 2001 1:00:00 AM EDT' but not 'January 01, 2001 01:00:00 AM EDT' (set both day and hour to width 2).

Setting fixed width values ensures that when we display a repeating grid (list) of datetime values, they are aligned correctly and is easy on eyes.

The drop-down menu has 'Custom' option but it's nice if we can pick our desired format (fixed width) from the rest of the list.


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