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Srinivas Yelamanchili (yelas1)
Senior System Architect
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: September 8, 2017
Last activity: September 8, 2017

Feature request or enhancement - operations log files, view

From the designer studio, System->Operations->Logs->Log files
Click on link to view log (not the text, zip download link)

The default options are:
Lines Per Page : 25
Number of pages presented: 10
Filter by: <current operator id>

1. Can the default options be changed to:
Lines Per Page : 1000
Number of pages presented: 100
Filter by: <current operator id>

Justification: It's annoying when we have 10,000s of log lines and we can only see 10 pages at a time (with each page only 25 lines) and have to click 'Next' several times (endlessly!!!).
Also, usually we clear the 'Filter by' to see all log lines (from any operator) and in this case we usually manually set lines per page to 2500.
Having a high lines per page and number of pages displayed makes it easy to navigate to our desired log entry (usually the last page).

2. Can the Options remember the last values we used and not get reset to default every time?

Justification: The default values are almost never our desired values and It's annoying when they get reset everytime and have to be manually changed.

3. Can we add new option 'Sort : Ascending/Descending'

Justification: If the log can list in the order from the most recent entry to the oldest then we can quickly find the latest log entries on the first page and watch for the top most lines. This avoids having to always navigate to the last page and last log line to find the most recent entry.

4. Can the Options be visible BOTH at the top and bottom of the page?

Justification: When navigating to any page, the initially page focus is at the top of the page (vertical scroll bar). We have to then scroll down all the way down to change the options.
Having the options visible at the top of the page too will be very useful.

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