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Srinivas Yelamanchili (yelas1)
Senior System Architect
Pegasystems Inc.
yelas1 Member since 2014 76 posts
Posted: September 8, 2017
Last activity: September 22, 2017

Feature request or enhancement - Radio buttons, True/False property, editable mode, alternative text or image

When using Radio buttons for a True/False property, in the Presentation tab we have Read-Only Format settings to show a 'True/False' property value, to display in alternate text (or image) such as True->Yes, False->No

It would be nice if Radio buttons control allows for a True/False property to display alternative text (or image) in "Editable" mode too.
Currently in editable mode, it displays values as 'True' and 'False' and is not business friendly.

Currently we are using work around such as radiobutton property source set to DataPage list.

There's OTB control DisplayYesNo (SR-B76155) but doesn't render properly.

Sadly, we also had several cases where the system architects were creating property of type Text just so that they can display 'Yes' or 'No', when infact all they needed was to store a boolean value.

In short, if RadioButtons control can natively support alternative text (or image) in editable mode too for a True/False property, that would undoubtedly add a lot of value.

Also, in the True/False property definition itself (not Radiobutton control), if the Table Type drop-down list allows to choose prompt list (display values for True and False), then Radiobutton control can use this with 'List source -> As defined on the property'

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