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Posted: January 21, 2021
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Formatting aggregate values in Chart Bar display

Charts displaying average interaction time are hardly readable by users. Have a Report Definition computing the average InteractionTime of Interactions depending on various other properties (pxObjClass, QualificationCode, ...) and apply a column format like formatAsMMSS to show it in minutes/seconds. Create a Chart having this RD as a source. The average InteractionTime is shown in seconds and cannot be formatted.

Using a "Difference in minutes" function instead in the RD shows a bit better but almost the same, result is a decimal, not a time interval.

Answer from the Support :

Our SME investigated your problem and it seems that your request is not yet a supported feature. Please check the explanation below: Pega doesn't support the formatting on charts configured through sections. Even if the Report Definition is sourced on the chart, it only gets the required data but the formatting is not being supported.

But in my opinion, your issue can be a good candidate for enhancement requests. Your request describes an enhancement to product functionality and will need to be posted to the Pega Collaboration Center (PCC). On the PCC, your enhancement idea may be refined through discussion with Pega experts, alternative ideas may be explored, and Pega Product Management will review the submission.    

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