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FTP Server - Sterling File Gateway protocol support

Today FTP Server rule (Integration-Resources) supports the protocols:

FTP Secure (FTPS)

We need support for protocol SFG (Sterling File Gateway - IBM) so Pega applications can connect to client filesystem using IBM Sterling Connect Direct.

This is especially important when Pega application is hosted on Pega cloud and we don't write shell scripts on this pega box.

(When Pega is hosted on-premise, IBM Connect Direct libraries can be installed on the box and we can write shell scripts that pick files pega application generated files and transfer to another server by calling Connect Direct. These scripts can be scheduled via autosys.)

When Pega is hosted on Cloud, we need an in house solution (FTP Server rule) that supports FSG.

The alternative method of client pulling files from Pega AWS S3 bucket is not feasible in all cases, espeically when the client IT team has not approved sharing their IP addresses to access the S3 bucket.

Plus it could be client IT requirement that Pega application 'push' files to them via SFG instead of them 'pull' files from Pega.



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