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Have a post-activity in SOAP service rules

Currently (Pega 8.4), SOAP Service rules do not allow execution of a custom activity just after the response has been sent to the caller. The goal is to make the sure the SOAP response has been sent before the created case (created by the service activity) starts its business execution. Since a created case can starts its execution as soon as it is created, it could be that the first case step is even executed before the original SOAP service response has been sent back to the caller. The only easy (but ugly) way we found is to put a 1 minute wait as case first step. Thanks to a post execution activity, we would be able to transfer the case from a default technical basket to an operator basket as soon as the SOAP response has been sent.

So, in summary, the request is to be able to add a custom post-activity in SOAP Service rules.

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