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Posted: October 30, 2017
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Posted: 30 Oct 2017 18:52 EDT
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Hotfix Catalog download - misleading info

Designer Studio menu -> System -> Release -> Hotfix Manager

When we submit 'Scan System', and in the 'Scan System - Select Hotfix Catalog' pop-up window, if we choose 'Check online', and say, ftp connection to pega catalog is blocked. In that case we get the error message:

pyScanPage:Unable to read Catalog from filesystem -- see log for additional information

The issue here is, when such a problem arises, we also get the "misleading" message:

The latest hotfix catalog has been downloaded from Pega GCS

The latter message should not be output if the file hasn't been downloaded in the first place.

Also, if a file cannot be downloaded, then it would be very helpful if the window provided the ftp url (that it was attempting) so the user can use it directly and diagnose the issue quickly.

It would be nice to provide download url when the catalog download fails.
For example, on error, next to the 'check online' button display url:



Providing download url address makes it easy to debug if ftp is blocked by the client IT environment.

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