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How to implement transaction timeout in datasets and dataflows in Pega Marketing


Is there a way to implement timeout in datasets/flows?

Use case I am working on is this: In Pega Marketing 7.13 (on Pega 7.2), customer data object is constructed via CustomerData dataflow. The dataflow is accessing ~20 tables in run-time to compile customer data. Most of the time customer data can be collected in 300-400 ms, which is fine. However, due to database related problems, Oracle is not able to give response to PM's requests. In better words, transaction takes more time than usual. This is causing an issue in real-time interactions. Since PM cannot meet with its (e.g. 1 sec) SLA, channel applicaiton (e.g. Internet Banking) is terminating its request, and propositions are not shown i.e. customer will lose money.

Oracle database administrators are continueasly improving their systems. In order to find a ultimate solution, enterprise architecture team is eager to implement a timeout on Pega side. Expectation is to be able to implement a timeout property for each dataset execution. Thus, if a dataset does not return any value e.g. in 50 msec., dateset will terminate the trasnaction, and dataflow will continue its flow, and related property will be set to null. That would still allow us to make decisions with the fetched data and would not consume/hold resource in the application server's jdbc pools.

Could you please let me know if it is possible to implement this in Pega Marketing?



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