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Index- Class joins in Adhoc Reporting feature - User not able to modify join type

Hello, we have an application which we have changed the reporting properties using the pyReportEditorProperties Data Transform. Inside this Data Transform we reference many Indexes. When a case manager launches the report designer, everything works great. The issue we are running into is when the user is leveraging properties from the Index. Here is a basic structure for reference purposes...

Title (pyLabel)
Description (pyDescription)
Person (Index-Data-Person)
---Last Name (Index-Data-Person\LastName)
---First Name (Index-Data-Person\FirstName)
---Phone Number (Index-Data-Person\PhoneNumber)

When a case manager maps Last Name from the Person Index using the Report Designer, Pega will modify the Report Definition and add a Declarative Index (Index-Data-Person) using an exact match or INNER join. This means if there are cases where there are not any persons identified, that case will not show up in the reporting. If we go into the Report Definition and modify the join condition to a OUTER JOIN it works without issue. Our customer is adamant that they need this functionality from the Report Designer and the report by default is showing inaccurate information which leads to them not trusting the reporting output.

I'm trying to find a way to either make the OUTER JOIN the default setting or redesign the pyDefaultReport in a way to show all case data and the supplemental data whether or not Person is null for a case.

Any help is appreciated,

Dan Carr
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