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Intutive Flow Action rule form

The Flow Action rule form could be more intuitive. Pega can suggest the developers go by the default names for the related rules.

Flow Action related rules

Section rule in Layout Tab

Validate rule in the Validation Tab

Pre-Processing & Post Processing Data Transforms and Activities in the Action Tab.


Flow Action Name: IntiateComplaint

The system could recommend the related rule names like

Layout Tab

Section Rule Name: InitiateComplaintFASec Validation Tab

Validation Rule: InitiateComplaintFAVal

Action Tab

Pre-Processing Area

Data Transform Name: InitiateComplaintPre

Activity Name: InitiateComplaintPre

Post-processing Area

Data Transform Name: InitiateComplaintPre

Activity Name: InitiateComplaintPost

If the developer decides to go by the system suggested name, then the rule creation wizard can create the related rules by the suggested names.

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