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Posted: May 5, 2019
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List of documents to upload without custom controls

List of documents to upload without custom controls

Has anyone found a way to configure a list of required documents, calculated by business rules, without creating any custom controls or activities?

The same requirement has been formulated by 3 clients in a row: based on case data, a list of required attachment categories, must be shown to a user, who has to upload 1..N documents for each category, before their case can be processed further. The user should see which documents were uploaded for each category and how many categories have nothing attached yet. The UI tends to look like this:

It appears that there are several approaches offered out-of-the-box, but each has a limitation requiring custom extensions:

  1. The pxAttachContent control requires users to select the attachment category, ignoring the category settings configured at design time.
  2. Similarly, the pyCaseAttachments section requires the user to first upload a document and then select an attachment category. This prevents integration into a list of required categories.
  3. Validation logic can be associated with each attachment category and errors will inform the user about missing documents upon assignment submission. Clients discard this approach due to the lack of guidance before submission.
  4. The pyAttachFieldRequired section limits the number of attachments per category to one. It also fails to trigger a refresh after upload, so that the list of outstanding attachments and categories could be updated.
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