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Posted: August 12, 2020
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Posted: 12 Aug 2020 13:08 EDT
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Local LookupTables and LookupTable events

I frequently use the LookupTable component in my Pega Robotics projects. There two features I keep noticing I have a need for.

  1. Row Events - I sometimes want to know when a new row is added or a row is updated in a LookupTable. Currently, there are no events on the LookupTable component. I created a TypeExtension that adds a RowChanged event on LookupTables to work around the gap in functionality, but I'd rather use built-in features instead of developing custom code.
  2. Local LookupTables - I sometimes have asyncronous processes running in my project. There is a risk that an automation will get called multiple times concurrently. If I use a LookupTable in these automations, the table may be in a different state than I expect because LookupTables are always global. I want to be able to a convert LookupTable to local variable. To work around this, I use .NET DataTables, since they can be created as local objects. Working with DataTables is not as easy as LookupTables, however. It takes a lot of to setup the columns and primary key in a DataTable.
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