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Posted: February 27, 2020
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Posted: 27 Feb 2020 6:27 EST
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Maintenance job limitation in 8.3.1

Affected jobs pyPersistClusterState and pyClusterAndDBCleaner

A limitation in Platform version 8.3.1 prevents OOTB maintenance jobs from running. This failure can cause excess log messages, and system state diagnostic entries will not be automatically removed that are 30 days older without the fix.

Symptoms (in association with the failed job executions):

  • Unsuccessful job runs (Success rate is 0)
  • Error querying index metadata from db
  • Error retrieving database indices
  • ORA-01031: insufficient privileges (requires ANALYZE ANY)
  • QueueProcessorDelayedMessageService cannot be resolved to a type
  • FUA compilation error against pyClusterAndDBCleaner
  • pyClusterAndDBCleaner Job is failing to process the records

Root cause:

Per discussion with Support Engineers, these are bugs in current platform version: BUG-519827 and BUG-536777.

The issue occurs due to pzclusteranddbcleaner activity being coded with compilation issues. This failure is due to the wrong package usage of QueueProcessorDelayedMessageService class. It should be referred as  com.pega.platform.executor.queueprocessor.internal.QueueProcessorDelayedMessageService  class instead.


The two bugs are fixed in Platform version 8.3.2 and higher.


Meanwhile, follow the below approach so that logs won’t be piled up.

Once platform is upgraded to Pega 8.3.2 or higher, revert both of these changes:

  1. Disable job pyClusterAndDBCleaner
  2. Set pyPersistClusterState job to run weekly, rather than daily
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