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Posted: March 2, 2018
Last activity: August 1, 2018

Making Pega marketing agent InboundSMSReceiver multinode

To ensure high availability of Pega marketing 7.22 agent InboundSMSReceiver in our current project we have enabled it on all nodes even though pega in the below link suggests to keep it single node

But even after doing that, the way the activity SMSInboundMaster was written only one node which probably would have started last have picked the Inbound SMS account with status Connecting (set by the PegaMKTStartUpAgent during the node startup) and would have solely responsible for fetching SMSs, however if that node goes down other nodes couldn't received the SMS because they would have always found the Inbound SMS account status as Running.

So we have made a small change in SMSInboundMaster activity to pick inbound SMS account with status as Connecting or Running, hence any nodes can receive SMS even if other node goes down. We have tested it and is working fine.

Question is can there be any issues due to this small fix we have done and the fact that we are running this agent in multinode against the prescribed Pega guidelines.

Any opinion will be helpful.

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