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Posted: November 12, 2020
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Missing "Google" option in the dropdown (OAuth 2.0 Provider) while working on Auth Profile ->Client configuration from V84 onwards

Dear Pega Team,

As a part of an R&D in Pega Infinity V841, I deployed the below mentioned Google Drive repository integration component from Market Place. I am glad that this component is very useful for the integration perspective.

After making the necessary config settings as per documentation, I was trying to setup a Repository to work on Google Drive integration. But what I noticed is like the dropdown: OAuth 2.0 Provider from the Authentication Profile instance => Client configuration section. After comparing with the V83 env, I came to know that V83 was using a Smart Prompt instead of dropdown for selecting the OAuth Provider value. In V841, I found a property: pyOAuth2Provider with a Prompt List to allow the developer to select the option and I observed that "Google" is missing there.

To proceed further in this V841, I copied this property in my RSV and added the Google option and finished the Test connectivity for Google Drive repository integration successfully. Not sure whether Pega team is going to add this missing Google option in the corresponding OOTB RSV as a part of enhancement or Pega is recommending my work around approach for this small issue. Also, not sure the impact for the customers who are planning to use this Google drive integration from V84 and above. Bringing this small observation and my solution approach to Pega team's notice to take a decision accordingly.

Attached the V83 and V84 screenshots for understanding the above mentioned.

Thanks and Regards,

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