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Posted: August 22, 2016
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Native Kafka Queue support and websocket implementation


As far as I see there isn't any native support for Kafka APIs in Pega. Thus, I've two questions;

  1. Is it in the road map of product management to support (native) Apache Kafka queues?
  2. Anybody ever implemented a Kafka queue integration via WebSockets?

Business case I am working on is this:

Business requirement: As a Pega Marketing strategy designer, I would like to send a push notification to my customers, based on their geo-location. For example, if they are in the vicinity of their main branch, send them a text message reminding their e.g. home loan applicaiton.
Specification: Inhouse mobile application retrieves customer's geo-location at each login and this data is published to a Kafka Queue. Kafka Queue is the enterprise solution that provides all real time feeds such POS transactions, web logins, and ge-location data.
Implementation: Subscribe to a Kafka Queue / topic, receive the data and act accoridngly i.e trigger a strategy/offer flow in Pega Marketing.

Please let me know the right way of listening/subscribing to a Kafka queue in Pega. Once integrated successfully, to invoke a strategy and/or an offer flow in Pega Marketing should be relatively easy


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