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Colin Harvais (harvc1)
Sr. System Architect - Pega Consulting
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: February 19, 2019
Last activity: February 19, 2019

Need access to true type fonts on classpath in HTMLToPDF

HTMLToPDF currently has the possibility to set true type fonts (TTF) for PD4ML by placing a fonts file in a directory on the server.

We don't have the ability to configure TTFs in this way but if we set this value on the pd4ml we can access a fonts file, (in this case ezfonts.jar) from the classpath:

pd4ml.useTTF("java:ezfonts", true);

We made this change in a decompiled version of the Pega classs PDFUtilsImpl. Further we commented out this line:

// String configFileLoc = this.configureFontsPD4ML(pd4ml);

We would like to see an additional parameter on HTMLToPDF that is passed through to PDFUtilsImpl which contains the name of this font file, and if it is filled call pd4ml.useTTF() and not call this.configureFontsPD4ML(pd4ml).

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