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Posted: January 27, 2021
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Pega Report Categories Availability Issue


For the Reports menu in the user portal (Case Manager, Case Worker, other End user portals), user have the capability to manipulate reports in the application.

They can create new reports, new categories (public/private) type, schedule reports, update reports etc.



In general, user will all the categories (custom or OOTB created) in search filter, reports display etc. But, when we create a new report, different users sees different categories.

For example, Case manager can see all the categories created by him/her or PEGA OOTB created categories. Another AppSalesWorker portal user can only see categories that he/she created by themselves. They are not able to see any other public categories whether pega OOTB or created by some other user.

On further investigation, i found that it is a design code that limits some of the user to see all the categories. The code checks for two conditions:

1. if the user is either a developer operator --- they see all the categories


2. if they have "reportwizard" privilege --- can only see categories created by them.


This design is maintained through "pzGetCategoryOwnerTypes" DT which is a final rule, means we cannot make any modifications to the current design.

Is there any constraint for which only developers or users with allow checkout option enabled can see the complete category list and not the others. If we are presenting them with all categories list in the filters in "All Reports" tab, why should not we provide them the same list while creating a new report.



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