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Posted: February 20, 2020
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Posted: 20 Feb 2020 10:17 EST
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Pegasystems website is too cluttered.

The site needs to have a clear separation of Marketing, Support and Training. Whenever, I look for serious technical documentation, I am swimming in a sea of Marketing material. Even worse, material that passes for both  Marketing and Support.

Being ex-Army, I believe in the power of indoctrinating communities. I read marketing materials to communicate the Benefits of Pega to my customers or to push for a feature enhancement with product owners. I read Academy materials to enhance my technical knowledge. I read support documentation and Community postings (Forum) to fix a problem.

But whenever I try to accomplish any of these tasks, I am inundated and misdirected by materials from these  other subdomains.

In addition, many Pega experts I meet prefer to use learning and support resources outside of the official Pega website. I pride myself in being able to handle high complexity, but I see the common pega application growth issue that leads to 1) the creation of disparate or semi-redundant data groupings or 2)a high degree of coupling between data and functionality.

Still, I am betting my career on your technology. Let's get this fixed.

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