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Product Enhancement - DX API: Customer defined properties

Request for Change – DX API: Custom defined properties

We would like to have the possibility to define custom defined properties at the definition of (screen) fields. The value of a custom defined property could be a string, a number, a date or a Boolean.

Problem to be solved:

De Volksbank defines the business logic within Pega. The front-end (web environment and mobile) is automatically generated based on the input of the DX API. Therefore, the front-end software doesn’t contain business logic.

Now we want the front-end to provide analytic data to Adobe-analytics for analysis purposes. However, it is not allowed to provide confidential data. So only marked fields maybe provided. Now Pega lacks the ability to define such characteristics to (screen) fields. By using a customer defined property, we keep all the business logic within Pega while our adapter can provide the analytic data based on the value of a customer defined property passed by the DX API.

The request is for a generic solution because in future there might be additional wishes. At short notice an extra checkbox would be enough.

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