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Nael Popal (NaelP334)
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Posted: March 28, 2019
Last activity: March 29, 2019

Product Enhancement: improve AppValidateMultipleEmailAddresses


I would like to request an enhancement for rule Edit validate AppValidateMultipleEmailAddresses (PegaAppCA ruleset).
The implementation of this rule is very basic and not good enough for production environment to validate email addresses.

for example it accepts the input below as valid email addresses which are obviously not.

We have specialized this rule and implemented the validation with regex expression which validates also the examples above. The edit validate we created works fine when it is triggered from a input field but when the task is submitted this regex makes the java thread hang in SOME CASES WITH JUST ONE EMAIL ADDRESS. This is a strange behaviour because the same edit validate was also called before submitting the task. So when the email address was entered and edit validate was fired. In that case we don't see any problems.
I have created a Service Request (SR-C98057) for this issue but is its closed and the engineer asked us to create an enhancement to improve the OOTB rule.

Please improve the OOTB edit validate so it validates multiple email addresses in a correct way.

***Moderator Edit-Vidyaranjan: Updated SR details & FDBK ID***

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