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Posted: May 22, 2020
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Pulse Enhancements

1/ Capability to allow users to export the Pulse notes via export to excel.

2/ Flexibility to allow addiitonal formatting on the pulse note  -right now the format is very less (bold, italic etc). if user wants to add something in red font - it cant be done now.

3/ Flexibility to group pulse messages (High, Medium, Low).....pulse messages categorised as High show as a different color, whereas meidum and low have different representation.

4/ Enhance Pulse notification  based on critical updates to a case. Curernt notification happens only when a pulse note is posted to a case I follow. If we want to have something like - whenever the status of a case chnages, I need to get notified this isnt possible field level auditing, provide flexibility of field level notifications to users who follow that case.

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