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Posted: December 22, 2017
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Query related to migrated code in production level 4 with draft mode on

If a developer has migrated code to production level 4 with draft mode on , there should be some kind of warning at the time of code import , that alerts the user in Production level 5. Simply not picking up the flow in production level 5 creates unnecessary and uncalled for issues in Production. Security wise Pega ignores draft on flows , but does not do anything about warning the administrator\developer at the time of code import.

On Pega's take about the under development flows and lets them run in lower ( DEV) environments , it should start ignoring these rules in the production level 4 , rather than waiting for 5.That will at least give the developers a heads up to fix their flow to draft mode off.

***Updated by moderator: Lochan to add enhancement details***

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