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Radio buttons are not selected in table of embeded section

Hello everybody:-),
I have a big problem with radio buttons in a table (grid) of an embeded section:
In fact I have three sections one embeded in another, each contains a dynamic layout with a table in which a property contains another section, and one of the properties in the more embeded section contains radio buttons.
When I add lines in the first instance of the more embeded section (what I name 'instance' here is a line in the section that contains the more embeded section), if I select a value from the radio buttons for each rows, there is no problem.
But when I add lines in another (a second or a third) instance of the more embeded section, then if I select a value from the radio buttons, it is always the corresponding line in the first instance that is selected.
Here is an extract of my screen to explain what happens. For example when I hover the cursor upon the green radio button, it is the red radio button that is hightlighted. And if I clic on the green then the red will be selected.
This strange behavior doesn't occur with other types of component. Here in my screen the date time and the text input properties are properly entered.
And what is more strange, is that when I replace the radio buttons with dropdowns, there is no problem anymore, lines and values are correctly selected. But I want radio buttons:-)
I've found a post on the community that tells there was such a problem in Pega 7.3.0 that have been resolved in Pega 7.3.1:…
Although I'm working with Pega 7.3.1 I still have a similar problem, what do you think about it?
It seems the radio buttons are unreachable, but perhaps I have not well configured my screen...
Thank you very much for your help!

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