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Refresh a layout when a property change in different thread

Hello everybody.

I have observed this behaviour in Pega 7.3.

I have a Portal with a portal-header and a main section (to show the tasks/case types). The portal header is under ThreadA and the main section is under ThreadB.

I have a layout to display the value of property prop in the main section (Thread B) and a refresh condition when property "prop" changes in this layout.

But the property "prop" will be updated only in the ThreadA. This property is under a Top-Level page "Top" which is shared between ThreadA and ThreadB. So, I expect that the layout will refresh whenever the property Top.prop changes.

Here is the problem, The layout (in the main section) only refreshes when there is a reference to the property "Top.prop" in the header (Thread A). When the property "Top.prop" is not referenced in the header, the layout will not refresh. But I don't want to display the property in the header.

I have ended creating an empty layout in the header with a refresh condition on Top.prop, so I have a dummy reference in the header and, thus, refreshing the main section when the property is updated.

I want to understand this behaviour, can you explain this? Thanks.

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